We have been told that Solar Energy is in abundance. Solar Energy is providing us Eco friendly and Sustainable solution for our growing needs. Let’s discuss some applications of solar energy in various fields. 

Solar Electricity.

The most popular application of Solar Energy now a day is generating Electricity. We can generate electricity from solar in two ways i.e by Solar PV and Solar Thermal. The Solar Electricity can help us meet the increase in demand of electricity and it can also help us shift away fossil fuels.

Solar Desalination

This application has gain popularity in recent time with increase in demand of drinking water. This technology helps turn the abundant Sea water drinkable.

Solar Travel

Solar can be a good friend to a traveller. With increase in our dependence to technology we require electricity for our various gadgets. These solar products can help us get required electricity in remote areas. Also solar energy can be helpful for various need during traveling.

Remote Applications

We now a days need to set up infrastructures and systems in far flanged areas. In these areas some times we do not have the electricity grids. Solar Energy can help us generate of Electricity and we can provide off grid solar electricity to our systems and infrastructures.

Solar Heating and Ventilation

We have seen increase in our awareness regarding good ventilation and comfortable air conditioning of our buildings. In this field Solar energy is helping us to provide and Sustainable and Eco friendly solutions.


With increase in our needs and new process in our life styles solar is helping us to provide better solutions for our requirements.