Solar Panel Installation

Your #1 choice for Solar Panel Installation is here! BA Solar Energy can help you make your renewable revolution a reality without any drawbacks. Make a sustainable future for the generations to come!
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With a dedication to becoming a top-notch solar panel installation company, BA Solar Energy aims at reducing carbon footprints all across along with designing the best solar panel systems for commercial, residential as well as industrial systems. We have the world’s greatest minds and dedicated individuals as our engineers, installers, designers, and developers who combine their hard work to generate great, reliable and efficient solar energy generation results.

We are #1 Solar Panel Installation Company that can assist you in the whole solar plant installation process right from pre-planning to post-installation support. Are you searching “solar panel installers near me” on search engine? You don’t have to go through the tiring process of shortlisting the companies which provide the best results because BA Solar Energy is your ultimate solution! Contact our experts for more awareness and information. BA Solar Energy has one of the exceptional solar panel dealers who are on a mission to build a sustainable future for ourselves and for the many generations to come. Want to join us in the mission? Contact Now!

What Do We Offer?

Want the best Solar Panel Company in India for a specific industry? Don’t worry! We cover it all. Starting from the time you choose BA Solar Energy, you’ll get services from scratch. From solar panels and batteries to inverters and installation process; get everything done effortlessly!


Want to make your house generate electricity from solar power? Make it happen under a cost-effective budget with BA Solar Energy!


Let no power cuts stop your company from generating great outcomes. No matter the company size, solar supply will always have your back!


Improve your industrial facility with the unlimited benefits of solar energy solutions. Make your facility energy-efficient and highly powerful.

Why Choose Us as Your Solar Installation Company?

Solar Power Per Your Uniqueness

As we deeply value the uniqueness of every property, Solar Company in Chandigarh take the time to carefully plan a solar panel system that satisfies your individual requirements.

Expert Installation At Your Doorstep

Your solar panel system will be precisely and carefully installed by Solar Company in Mohali team of qualified experts to guarantee optimum performance.

Is Price Your Issue? We Got It Covered

Without spending much, enjoy the unlimited benefits of nature directly. Solar Company in Zirakpur offer competitive price options to fit your needs & budget.

A Track Record With Exceptional Result

After completion of numerous solar panel installations for high-tech businesses and residential areas, Solar Company in Panchkula have a history of happy clients and providing outstanding outcomes.

Why Solar Power is the Upcoming Revolution for Punjab?

Solar Power Plant Installation: A Promise to Make Environment Greener & Sustainable

No Dependency on Technology

Even though the Solar system is also a modern technology, you wouldn’t have to be dependent on an electric power supply. No worries about power cuts!

Lower Energy Bills

When you generate your own energy from the sun itself, you can easily reduce your monthly electricity bills. Enjoy unlimited electricity anywhere!

Keeps Environmental Effect At Bay

With the help of unmatched ability of Solar Installation Company, you may lower your environmental effect and reduce your carbon footprint, which is a clean, renewable energy source.


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How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

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How to Install Solar Panels at Home?

How to Install Solar Panels at Home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to pay my electric bill if I get the solar plant installation done?

Mostly, it depends on the unit usage of a person. Several people still pay for electricity even though they have installed solar panels. However, sometimes since the usage is more, even in residential areas, it is only natural to use the electric connection. In any case, even if you still have to pay for the electricity, the check will be quite low than your previous overall electric bill. Bottom line, only if you cut your connection with the power company completely is where you won’t pay your bill. Hence, solar plant installation will reduce your electricity usage as well as your bills.

What is the durability of panels after the solar plant installation?

Generally, solar panels are quite durable and have a great capacity to withstand several weather conditions such as hail, snow, wind, etc. However, some parts or components of your panel would require to be replaced after solar power plant installation. The system would keep generating electric power for the next 25+ years after its installation.

How can I find out if my roof is suitable for solar panels or not?

Solar installation is best done on south-facing roofs with little to no shadow and adequate room for a solar panel system. If your home doesn’t have the right solar roof, there are usually solutions. Usually, BA Solar offers a detailed virtual study of your roof before bestowing all the solar panel installation information. Therefore, if you are still confused about the process, contact our solar panel dealers for clarification.

If I relocate, can the solar panel company also shift my solar panel to my new space?

Yes. Dismantling and moving the solar systems is possible for the Solar Installation Company. However, before agreeing on the same, we always prefer to understand the structure and area of where the solar panels. Also, before deciding to do so, the cost has to be considered because the renovation of the roof, dismantling and re-installation costs, all would be involved here.

Join the solar revolution and start saving money and the planet