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Solar Panels for Home

In merely a few years, BA Solar Energy has become the #1 Home Solar Company providing exceptional Solar Panels for Home in four major cities in Punjab; Zirakpur, Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. With our wide variety of experience, our solar panel solutions can be widely used for several applications such as producing electricity, remote power systems, telecommunications equipment, and remote sensing.

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On Grid Solar Systems

This is one of the solar power systems that connects to the power grid of the utility. In this system, the power which is generated in excess is sent to the utility grid, for which, the consumer gets compensated. Likewise, when the system underproduces the power, the consumer can utilize energy from the grid and pay for the units consumed.

Off Grid Solar System

When a system is off-grid, it operates independently and the customer is not linked to a utility’s power grid. To store solar energy produced by this method, batteries are used. Off-grid systems are self-sufficient, but their higher costs are due to the fact that the consumer must purchase a battery pack, solar panels, a grid box, an inverter, a charge controller, mounting hardware, and the balance of the systems.


Want to learn more about the Components of the solar system for home? Here’s what you need to know:

Components On Grid Off Grid
Solar Panels Y Y
Solar Inverter Y y
Solar Batteries N Y
Structure Y Y
Solar Cables Y Y
Solar Connectors Y Y
Lightning Arrestor O O
Earthing Y Y
Net Meter Y N


Make your Contribution towards Nature’s Preservation by Installing solar system for home.

Solar Panels for Home
  • To meet emissions reduction goals in the face of climate change, households nationwide are switching to an electrical system powered by sustainable energy.
  • Since solar panels for homes can generate power, more educated Indians now support a sustainable future.
  • Solar panel system for home can help you take a step ahead to understand and love your natural surroundings.
Capacity Energy Generation/Day Panel Area (Approx)
1 KW 4-5 Units/ Day 8 Sq M.
2 KW 8-10 Units/ Day 14 Sq M
3 KW 12-15 Units/ Day 21 Sq M
5 KW 20-25 Units/Days 35 Sq M
7.5 KW 30-35 Unites/Day 52 Sq M


BA Solar Energy wants to make it easy for you to use solar power. We also want to help you pay less for electricity while doing our part to protect the environment

A Modern Solution

Rooftop solar panel installation is simple for bungalows and apartments. The technology behind modern solar panels is incredibly advanced, producing more watts per square foot than ever before.

Offers Effective Solar Solution

Our sole objective at BA Solar Energy is to provide locals and owners of residential properties with the best and one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and energy-generating solar solutions available. Get your solar panel installation for home by BA Solar Energy and take a step towards our go-green goal!

Fights Brunt of Power Cuts

BA Solar Energy has high capabilities to turn around your electric ability. If your house also faces the brunt of regular and neverending power cuts, then it is time to make a switch that could turn around the course of your life! Plan your solar panel system for home and contact our experts for a consultation and inspection today!

Keeps Nature Unharmed

The installation of home solar panels may help fight greenhouse gas emissions and lessen society’s reliance on fossil fuels, often known as electricity. For any owner of a residential or commercial property, solar panels are the best option for a resourceful power supply because they are one of the most effective, affordable, and plentiful energy sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Solar Panels 100% or Do I Need An Electric Connection Too?

The modern solar panel system is quite efficient with the ability of power storage. With this, your house can run 100% on solar energy. Also, since solar panels have a one-time setup cost, they end up helping you save 25+ years of electricity bills making the environment greener. With solar systems, you can make your house more energy-independent.

Can A Solar System Cover One Whole Day of Electricity Cut?

You can check out the backup times of our system on our website for a general idea. Each solar panel system tends to have a different backup time. To check how much a solar panel would be able to run, we need to check your requirements and limitations to finalise which solar solution will suit your home best.

How Many Types of Residential Solar Panel Are There?

For home solar solutions, there are only two types of solar panels: On-Grid Solar Panel systems and off-grid Solar Power systems.

Are There Any Benefits of Solar Systems Other Than Environmental Benefits?

Yes. Home solar systems tend to reduce your utility bills making your house more energy-independent. Installing solar PV systems can also increase the property valuation.