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Commercial Solar Panel Services

BA Solar Energy is preparing to spread Commercial Solar Installers in Punjab’s major cities to make people realise the cruciality of not only their commercial businesses but also the environment. With our wide variety of experience, our commercial solar panel solutions can be widely used for several applications such as producing electricity, remote power systems, telecommunications equipment and remote sensing.

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Why Choose Solar Systems For Commercial Usage?

4 kW On Grid

A solar array’s electricity may power inside and outside areas at a reasonable price. Our clients have experienced savings as high as 25% from their traditional power providers when converting to commercial solar systems with Constant Energy, and this benefit has been noticeable from the start.

  • After the upfront installation cost, solar energy doesn’t cost a penny. Therefore, your power bill will be significantly reduced.
  • This is due to the fact that solar energy generated by solar systems put on commercial rooftops will mostly satisfy your energy demands.
  • Achieve the goal of a huge reduction in your carbon footprint. When we go solar, it contributes to generating the least emission of greenhouse houses.
  • You play a crucial role in protecting your planet and reducing global warming, air pollution, and threats to various lung and respiratory diseases.


Since BA Solar Energy has a mission to make solar adoption easier and more convenient for you, we also aim to reduce electricity bill costs for our customers while contributing our share towards conserving nature.

We Are Punjab's Most-Trusted Brand

With countless experiences and happy customers, we have been able to deliver exceptional solar panel installation processes for various commercial brands in Zirakpur, Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. We are proud to offer the world’s most durable system to generate electricity without harming the soul of nature.

We Offer Great Customer Service

Right from inspection booking to post-solar panel maintenance, BA Solar Energy is a group of Commercial Solar Installers that takes responsibility for everything. We are now only responsible for the installation but for the entire process so that your solar systems for commercial sector can be utilised to their full capacity.

We Promise Quality

Our strategies, teamwork, process and plan; everything is tried and tested. We are known to offer qualitative solar panel installation to your commercial rooftop. Get your solar panels for commercial buildings and enjoy electricity availability for the next 25-30 years without any worry!

Solar Panels Save Money

Despite the fact that contemporary solar power has been around for many years, many businesses still use electricity. However, converting to solar energy may help businesses, governments, and nonprofits save money while simultaneously dramatically lowering their carbon impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Commercial Solar Panels Last For?

While certain PV modules may provide electricity for a lot longer, the estimated operating lifespan of a commercial solar panel is around 30-35 years.

Is There a Difference Between Commercial And Residential Solar Systems?

Business solar systems are greater in capacity since they are utilised in business structures. They thus cost more, but they pay for themselves more quickly.

What Kinds of Building Structures Work With Solar Power?

As long as the roof is physically stable and has adequate room for panels and racking, nearly all structures are solar-compatible. Solar carports or ground mounts are suitable options for smaller buildings with constrained roof areas. The structure has to be yours. The building owner would need to authorise the installation if you were renting the space.

Are There Any Benefits of Solar Systems Other Than Environmental Benefits?

Yes. Home solar systems tend to reduce your utility bills making your house more energy-independent. Installing solar PV systems can also increase the property valuation.