Roof top solar is picking pace in the market and has gathered attention of many homeowners.

Solar panel installation no matter this is at residential, commercial and industrial level has created a new doubt among Home Owners that if it would create problems for the roof. This doubt is valid from the Home Owners point of view. Solar Panels in itself do not affect the roof rather they are beneficial for the roofs. Problems with solar panels can occur if there is mistake or negligence during installation.

Let’s discuss some of the points we need to take care of during installation so solar installation does not affect our roof.

Health of Your Roof: It is very important that you are aware of your roofs condition. Make sure the roof is not too old, also if the roof needs any maintenance, it is better to install a solar panel after maintenance. Do check if your roof has enough space for the installation.

Choosing right installer: Since the process of installation is done by installers. You should be quite careful with choosing your installer. You should do good research to check if your installer is credible. Check for reviews and past experiences of the installer.

Warranty and Insurance: Most of the component of solar PV system have warranties from the companies. You should make sure that you buy with proper warranties and check with your installer for installation warranty. Also discuss with your solar panel contractor about insurance of the system.

Maintenance: Maintenance is very important to get maximum returns from your investment. Do check with your installer about the maintenance procedure to be carried for the PV system.