Rooftop Solar is increasing its foothold with every passing day. In many instances due to high prices of solar equipment’s customers think of alternative ways to finance their solar system. Here we are not discouraging you about high prices of solar installation. Rather here we want to help readers who want to know about alternative methods to finance solar installation.

Many customers pay directly while installing solar systems, but some prefer alternative methods. Let’s discuss those methods here:

  1. EMI and NBFC Loan: There are many banks providing EMI for solar installation. You can get to know about them during installation. Also there are few NBFC’s who can give you a loan for solar installation.
  2. Loans for Home Improvement: Many reputed banks do not provide direct loans for Solar Installation. Rather we can take a loan from them for home improvement. This can also be a good option if the policy suits our needs.

Dealers: There are companies which have big dealers’ networks. These solar panel dealers can help you with the payment side. They can create a payment settlement contract to finance your solar installation.