We in this world have been talking about Energy security and Sustainable Environment for a decade now. We can see for past few years now Solar Energy making it’s foot print energy sector. So let analyse benefits and limitation for Solar Energy and check if it could hold a significance space in future of Energy production.

Depletion of Fossil Fuels: We talked about the energy security at the first point. Reports and research regarding the depletion of our most trusted resources (Eg Oil) has led to consider Renewables for our energy security. Hence the world is seeing a shift from Coal based power plants to Solar and Natural gas.

Climate Concerns

Fossil Fuels apart from depletion are also a risk to the environment. Hence many countries in the world are making policies to shift from coal-based power plants which in turn is making future of solar bright. Also initiatives for cleaner and greened initiatives in Mobility and other fields is acting as boom for Solar Energy.

Electric Vehicles and growing electricity demand

Many reports have predicted that global energy demand has increased in past decade and expect the trend to continue. This would surely be in favour for Solar Energy. We could also see demand for electric vehicles growing and this would open new horizons for Solar Energy.

Innovation and New Technologies.

There have been continuous improvement in Efficiency of Solar panels and Storage technologies. Also there are lot of innovations going around the world where Solar Energy is used for various applications.

Land limitations and Non Steady Power. Coming to the limitations of Solar Energy. The first one is uses a lot of Land. Hence there needs to be smarter Land Allocation methods to solve this problem.

Secondly since sunlight is available only in day time this leads to Non Steady source of Energy. Working on better storage capacities can solve this problem.


We have discussed various situations like depletion of fossil fuels, demand of Electric Vehicles and need for Cleaner Environment. They all in together are working favourably to open new horizons for Solar Energy and make it better suitable option for our energy needs. Innovation in field of Solar technologies, storage capacities can help us use Solar Energy as a best option for Energy needs in upcoming future.