You are new to the Solar thing. Want to know about On Grid/ Off Grid terms. Let’s briefly discuss the differences between On Grid and Off Grid.

In On Grid the solar system installed is connected directly with Grid whereas in Off Grid the installed solar system acts as individual power house and is not connected with grid.

Now let’s discuss some of the points where the main differences lie:


We mentioned earlier that the On Grid system is connected to the grid. Hence while installing this system, we need to take permission from the utility provider and connect the system with the grid.

In the case of the Off Grid system, we do not need to connect this with the grid and can individually install the system.


On Grid solar system generates the electricity and supplies it to your building as well as transfers the extra power to the grid. In case your solar system is not able to produce the required capacity, mainly in Cloudy day or night your building’s energy requirement is fulfilled by current from the grid. In case there is a grid failure your system also won’t be able to supply electricity since it needs to be turned off to avoid any accident during the maintenance. Normally Grids cancels the electricity charges for the power you used since your system already provided them electricity.

In an Off Grid system, the electricity produced will be used only by your building. Also, in case of scarcity the system won’t be able to get electricity from the grid. This situation can be tackled by adding an extra set of batteries for backup. Here your system does not have any demand supply relation with the grid and you are also not affected with the problem in the grid.

Hope these points explained to you the major differences between ON Grid and Off Grid solar systems. Also soon we will bring a detailed article of Off Grid and On Grid Solar difference.