We heard this term during Independence Day speech of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in August 2020. He came up with this idea in International Solar Alliance first assembly in the year 2018.Forseeing the future demand and need of Solar Energy Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi coined this term to bring together the countries of the world for shared use of Solar Power.

Let’s discuss on it’s need, working, benefits and road blocks.


Earth has been blessed with uneven distribution of resources. Not only Geography but history and economics proves this as well. So identifying the increasing demand of electricity International Solar Alliance has come up with an innovative solution of One Sun One World One Grid. We can see there has been developments in the field of solar energy also we expect most of the future demand of electricity would be meant by solar energy. Hence in order to equalize uneven solar potential and demand we need innovative solution like OSOWOG.

How it works:

This works on a simple formula “Sun never sets”. This can be understood better when we assume most of the energy we would get would be from solar. Now we know that with the Earth’s rotation there would be Light in some parts and some parts would be in dark. So the part in dark would not be able to generate solar electricity but it require electricity to meet it’s current energy demands. Most relevant example is evening Hours. Now the portion of the earth which is under the light would be generating excessive solar electricity and it can transfer the same to the one in need. This whole process can be maintained with a universal grid.


  • Uninterrupted distribution of energy: This can provide us with uninterrupted distribution of electricity to major parts of the world.
  • Economical Benefits: This would provide Economical benefit to many countries including the one’s that have majority of land as Desert or abundant.


  • Geopolitical Interests: Biggest road block for this initiative would be Geo political interests and alignments of various countries.
  • Economic Gap: This project would cost a lot of money and with uneven economic distribution it would be very difficult to manage the financial infusion.


One Sun One World One Grid is a highly advanced and ambitious project of international solar alliance. This brings with itself a lot of benefits from energy and economy point of view. This is also a complex and difficult program to implement. How the world leaders would balance their Economical and Geo political interest would surely define it’s future.