Solar energy has been recording year on year better share in the total energy mix. Credit goes to its clean energy behavior. Now we have a new concept of Solar Canals. This not only helps in better utilization of Land but also helps in Water Conservation. Let’s discuss its working methodology and benefits.

Working Methodology:

Solar Canals is basically a system where Water Canals are covered with Solar Panels. These Solar Panels help in generating Electricity. This concept was first used in the Indian state of Gujarat. In many parts of the world there are large systems of Canals to serve the water. These Canals can be used for Solar power generation. Though there are some Prerequisites that make construction of solar canals preferable. Firstly the stretch of Solar canals needs to have sufficient length so solar plants can be set up. Secondly, the width of the canal needs to be constant for that section to favour the construction. Apart from this, the Canal should lie in an area where SunLight is sufficient. Solar Panels can be installed on steel trusses that can be constructed over the canal. Steel used for the truss needs to be Galvanized so there are less chances of Corrosion.

Now let’s look at some of the benefits of Solar Canals:

Better use of Land:

We know that Solar Plants consume a lot of Land, but this system can help in reducing the stress on land for power generation since it makes use of already utilized land.

Water Conservation:

Mostly whenever canals are constructed, they are left open. This leads to lot of wastage of water due to evaporation. Now when solar panels are installed over the canals this leads to less evaporation and hence to water conservation.

Reduction of Electricity Costs:

Many researches have found that the cost of solar electricity generation for solar canal is lower to that of ground solar. Hence this makes solar canals economically more beneficial.

Power supply for other application:

This system can also help in supplying power supply to many other uses related to irrigation. Mainly in the irrigation process itself and for equipment’s used in fields along the canals.

Lowers the algae formation:

Since this system blocks the sunlight hence it lowers the algae formation and reduces maintenance cost of canals.

Higher efficiency of Panels:

Since this system is situated above the canal waters hence the panels remain cool. This increases efficiency of Solar Panels and hence efficiency of Whole system.

These points explain various benefits of solar canals and we expect construction of more such systems in the coming future.