India has set high goals to move towards Non-Fossil Energy resources by 2030. When it comes to Solar, India has set target of 100 GW Capacity by 2022. India has reached Installed Solar Capacity of 34 GW by March 2020. Let’s discuss about states with highest solar capacity in India.


Karnataka has the solar capacity of 7277.93 MW. A jump of 1182 MW from past year capacity of 6095 MW. Karnataka is home to one of the world’s largest solar park Pavagada Solar Park with capacity of 2000 MW.


Rajasthan with a natural benefit of Land holds solar capacity of 5137.91MW. Rajasthan has added solar capacity of around 1911 MW. Rajasthan is home to worlds largest solar park: Bhadla Solar Park.We can expect Rajasthan to grow significantly in Installed Solar Capacity due to it’s natural benefit of abundance of land.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu in India is Third highest state with installed solar capacity of 3915.88. It has added 1340MW capacity from past year of 2575 MW.


At number four comes Telangana with installed capacity of 3620 MW.

Andhra Pradesh

Coastal State of Andhra Pradesh is quite in competition with state of Telangana when it comes to installed solar capacity. Andhra Pradesh houses 3610 MW of Solar Capacity.

Here is the list and quick analysis of states that contribute maximum to get India 5th Global position in solar power deployment. Other states that have significant contributions are Gujrat (2948 MW), Madhya Pradesh (2258 MW), Maharashtra (1801 MW), Uttar Pradesh (1095 MW) and Punjab (947 MW).