Solar Energy has made a significant place as an energy resource.

Let’s discuss some of the innovations made in this field to make solar energy more effective.

Bifacial Solar Panel

Solar Panels are the most important factor in Solar energy generation. The efficiency of Panels affects Energy output directly. Hence researchers came out with a Bifacial solar panel for better efficiency. These solar panels can use both of their sides to generate electricity.

Thin Films

These films are thin sheets with solar cells attached to them. They can generate electricity the same as panels. Their lightweight and ease of mobility create new avenues for their application.

Floating solar Plants

We are familiar with the fact that Solar Plant uses a lot of Space. Hence to bypass this problem engineers came with an excellent solution of Floating Solar Plants. These plants can be made anywhere in water bodies (Lakes, Ponds, Canals). This not only leads to a reduction in land usage but also helps in Water preservation.

Building-integrated PV (+ Windows)

On lands, the builds are among the structures that contain most of the space. And with an increase in skyscrapers, researchers are searching for the option they can use these buildings for the generation of solar power. One of the products for this can be using Windows for generating solar power.

Solar Storage

We know that solar power can be generated only in the day time. The power generated during day time is of high quantity and if we can store the same then it would be highly useful for us. Hence many developments are made in this field to increase the storage capacity.

Efficient solar panels

We discussed earlier that the efficiency of a solar system directly depends on Panel. Hence scientists/ engineers are working on increasing solar panel efficiency with the help of new developments in Material sciences and Nanotechnology.


Increase use of solar power has led to new innovations in this field. We expect further developments in this field as the road moves ahead to provide customers with better solutions.