Solar power plant like any plant has a wider range of components. All of them have their unique role in production of electricity. Some of the components are mandatory for every plant where as some may be used as per the need. Lets have a look at these components below:

Solar Panel: Solar panel is power house of the Solar Power plant. They are mandatory for every solar power plant. Their main use is to convert Sun light into Electricity. The efficiency of Solar Panels directly affects the efficiency of Solar Power plants.

Inverter: Electricity generated by Solar Panel is a DC current where as we need AC supply for our use. Hence, we require an inverter that can convert DC supply into AC supply.

Battery: When it comes to off grid, solar Battery is a mandatory option as it stores the electricity generated by solar panel. Battery plays an important role to provide us with uniform power. Battery in an on grid solar system can be used as a back up for power supply.

Charge controller: You would need a charger controller if Solar system has a battery bank. This controller take care that battery is not overcharged and also makes sure there is no reverse charging.

Solar Array Disconnect: Solar array disconnect plays an important role in protecting the equipment’s by cutting of the power supply from Panels in case of any problem.

Earthing: Solar power plant is an electrical system and hence it is prone to electrical dangers. In order to avoid any undesirable incident from this system Earthing should be mandatory.

Here we discussed about solar system components and their importance. Stay connected with BA Solar energy for more related updates.